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San Francisco Dining | San Francisco Restaurants FAQs

San Francisco Dining is a popular San Francisco Activity. Browse these San Francisco Restaurant FAQs as you plan your visit.

Dining out is a popular San Francisco Activity, and with so many great Restaurants near Hotel Union Square, it’s easy to see why. Browse these frequently-asked questions about San Francisco Restaurants as you plan your stay.  

Q:  We’re planning a stay at Hotel Union Square. Are there many San Francisco Restaurants located nearby?
A:  Yes! Exploring the city’s dining scene is a popular San Francisco Activity. Whether you want fine dining or just a casual bite, you will find San Francisco Restaurants to suit your tastes. Just a few of the many nearby San Francisco Dining spots are Tadich Grill, The Grove, Bottega, Delfina, and many others.

Q:  Our anniversary weekend will be spent at Hotel Union Square. Are there any romantic San Francisco Dining spots nearby?
A: There are plenty of romantic San Francisco Dining spots near Hotel Union Square. Farallon, Bouche French Bistro and Wine Bar, and Café Claude are just a few of the options. If you’d like suggestions for other romantic San Francisco Restaurants then feel free to ask a member of staff at Hotel Union Square.   

Q:  I love seafood, and I’m sure there must be some amazing San Francisco Restaurants near your hotel where I can get some great seafood. Could you offer a few suggestions?
A: Lots of nearby San Francisco Restaurants serve amazing seafood. Some of the options near our San Francisco Hotel are John’s Grill, Lobster Me, Sam’s Grill and Seafood Restaurant, and Brindisi Cucina Di Mare. You’ll find both budget-friendly and splurge-worthy spots for San Francisco Dining with seafood on the menu.              

Q:  I’ll be staying at Hotel Union Square with my kids this summer. Are there any San Francisco Dining spots that are kid-friendly?
A: The definition of kid-friendly San Francisco Dining spots isn’t the same to everyone. Some kids are foodies, and they would love to try some of the best San Francisco Restaurants. If, however, you’re just looking for fun, casual spots to take your kids then Scala’s, Lori’s Diner, Max’s on the Square, and Mo’s Grill are a few good choices.    

Q: I love to explore the best Restaurants in each city I visit. What are some of the can’t-miss San Francisco Restaurants near Hotel Union Square? 
A: Because there are so many amazing San Francisco Restaurants in Union Square, if you ask 10 people for the best then you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Of course, that is really good news for anyone who wants to explore the San Francisco Dining scene. A few suggestions for can’t-miss Union Square Restaurants are Honey Honey Café & Crepery, Jeanne D’Arc, E&O Kitchen and Bar, Colibri Mexican Bistro, and Johnny Foley’s.   

Q: I’m planning a stay at your Hotel, and I want to soak up as much of the beautiful Bay weather as I can. What are some of the best San Francisco Restaurants for al fresco dining? 
A:  With weather as fabulous as you’ll find near Hotel Union Square, it’s no wonder that so many San Francisco Restaurants offer al fresco dining. A few of the San Francisco Dining spots where you can enjoy outdoor dining are Foreign Cinema, Starbelly, Zazie, Dirty Habit, and Café Claude.        

Q: I want to enjoy a splurge dinner during my stay at Hotel Union Square. Could you offer some suggestions for fine San Francisco Dining? 
A: If you want to enjoy an amazing meal at one of the finest San Francisco Restaurants then you will find lots of options near Hotel Union Square. Some of the city’s finest dining options can be found near our San Francisco Hotel. Some of the many choices for splurge dinners in San Francisco include Saison, Restaurant Gary Danko, Michael Mina, Lazy Bear, Boulevard, and Benu. If you’d like additional suggestions for fine San Francisco Dining options then feel free to ask a member of our staff.