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January 31, 2020
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Karen Fields

San Francisco Things to Do: San Francisco City Tours

This latest San Francisco Travel Blog article, ‘San Francisco Things to do: San Francisco City Tours’ highlights some of the best tours to experience our wonderful city.

There are many ways to enjoy and see more of the amazing city of San Francisco with a variety of city tours. 

In this latest San Francisco Travel Blog article; 'San Francisco Things to Do: San Francisco City Tours' – we provide you with details on some of the best, tastiest, highest tours you can enjoy to learn more about this wonderful city by the bay.

Here are the tours!

San Francisco Double Decker Bus Tour

This is a very popular tour that lets you experience a tour of San Francisco, the top Activities, Attractions, Shopping, Restaurants and more by allowing guests to ‘hop on’ these double-decker buses, and then ‘hop off’ as the bus stops at the next stop. There are more than 24 designated stops along the tour that crisscrosses the city of San Francisco. When you see an interesting Activity, Attraction or Landmark along the tour, simply ‘hop off’ and enjoy the experience and then ‘hop on’ the next bus that comes along a short time later. Tours cover areas including Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, South Vista Point and more. If you want to extend the tour to a second day to cover more of the city, you can opt for a 2-day Tour and take a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to the beautiful coastal community of Sausalito. For ticket prices, routes and schedules, see the Website link above.

San Francisco GoCar Tour
Location: San Francisco GoCar - 431 Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94133
Distance from Hotel Union Square: 2 Miles

If you’re looking for one of the most Eco-friendly, and coolest ways to tour the city of San Francisco, this may be it! The GoCars are cool, 3-wheeled electronic vehicles that have a GPS that allows for an ‘on command’, real time, narrated tour as you pass by designated landmarks along the tour. A great feature is that you can start and stop the tour at your convenience. If you see a nice restaurant or shop you want to visit, simply pull over, get out and enjoy. When you return to your GoCar and begin on the tour again, the narration automatically picks up where you left off. Guests can also choose from various tours; a pre-programmed GoCar Tour or create your own city tour based on your specific interests; nature, art, architecture, and more. See the Website link above for prices and tours.

There are many ways to enjoy and see more of the amazing city of San Francisco with a variety of city tours. 

San Francisco City Helicopter Tour
Location: Various locations – see below

What a way to tour the beautiful city of San Francisco, Bay area, Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Treasure Island and surrounding areas than to enjoy an unobstructed aerial view from a state-of-the-art helicopter? There are several Helicopter Tours and Tour Providers to choose from, with a variety of tours to choose from. A helicopter tour of San Francisco is more costly than the other tours, but these tours are unmatched for enjoying views of the city that you would not see otherwise. Schedule your tour for sunset and enjoy views of the city, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge as the sun sets and the glittering lights of the city light the skyline. See these operators

  • San Francisco Helicopters: 650-635-4500 | Website
  • Golden Horizon Tours: 415-831-4157 | Website
  • San Francisco Helicopter Tours & Services: 650-281-8282 | Website

San Francisco Gourmet Chocolate Tour
Location: Gourmet Walks - 190 7th Street, Suite 5, San Francisco, CA 94103-2889
Distance from Hotel Union Square: .8 Mile

Yum! This may be the tastiest tour of San Francisco…and we love it! Local ‘Chocolate Expert’ (where can we get this job?), Andrea Nadel created a ‘Chocolate Tour’ of San Francisco called, ‘Gourmet Walks’ Chocolate Tours’ and it tastes great! The tours include incredible treats, samples, truffles, chocolate covered items, gourmet cupcakes and more. There is an ‘Ultra Chocolate Tour’ offered that includes Wine and Truffles for guests over 21 years of age. Tours include walking portions of the tours in the downtown area to enjoy some interesting city history as well as tours through Hayes Valley and Russian Hill neighborhoods. Additional ‘Food Tours’ are available as well. For tour schedules, prices and more information, see the Website link above.

Chinatown Walking Tour by Wiz Wok

If you want to learn the wonderful history of San Francisco’s Chinatown that dates to the start of the city, and if you want to enjoy some amazing food – this is the tour for you. The ‘Wok Wiz’ tour is one of the city’s most popular walking tours and takes guests through the storied Chinatown neighborhood. The tour tells the amazing history of Chinatown and how its early residents impacted the growth of the city of San Francisco. The tours include visits to a Chinese Temple, herb vendors, Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, souvenir shops and of course selected restaurants in Chinatown. There are also designated ‘Food Tours’ offered like their popular ‘I can’t believe I ate my way through Chinatown’ tour. See the Website link above for tour pricing, details and schedules

We hope our latest San Francisco Travel Blog article, ‘San Francisco Things to Do: San Francisco City Tours’ has inspired you with learning more about this wonderful city by Bus Tour, Walking Tour, Helicopter Tour or Food Tour!

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