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July 6, 2018
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Jana Free

San Francisco Things to Do: Visiting San Francisco Art Galleries

Art in our city is flourishing and you’ll find evidence of its vitality at many San Francisco art galleries near Hotel Union Square...

San Francisco’s art scene received a boost in interest and has become stronger since the San Francisco Museum of Art revealed its grand remodel. Today, art in our city is flourishing and you’ll find evidence of its vitality at many San Francisco art galleries near Hotel Union Square. Head to these galleries for art viewing, a top San Francisco things to do, and to uncover a fascinating range of contemporary and emerging art.

Head to these galleries for art viewing...and to uncover a fascinating range of contemporary and emerging art.

Serge Sorokko Gallery
Location: 361 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94108 | Tel: 415.421.7770

Serge Sorokko opened his powerhouse art gallery on Geary Street back in 1984. He’s an internationally recognized champion of contemporary and post-war artwork, and his gallery displays a range of mediums including paintings, sculpture, photography, and paper drawings. The Serge Sorokko Gallery recently hosted the first American art show for Casa Codognata, one of Italy’s most heralded jewelry makers.

Caldwell Snyder
Location: 341 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94108 | Tel: 415.392.2299
Oliver Caldwell and Susan Snyder founded The Caldwell Snyder Gallery in 1983. Through the years, this San Francisco art gallery has mounted more than 500 exhibitions. You’ll find dynamic programming with a focus on long-lasting collaborator relationships. Caldwell says of the gallery, “…art audiences today are inundated with imagery…The challenge is to be a distinctive and meaningful voice.”

Woman taking a photo in an art gallery
Exploring art galleries is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon during your stay at Hotel Union Square.

Gagosian Gallery
Location: 657 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94105 | Tel: 415.546.3990
Larry Gagosian is a new face on the art scene in San Francisco but not necessary on the world stage. His downtown gallery on Howard Street manages to secure exhibitions from some of the top international artists like Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons and Richard Meier. He has featured Notepads, Holograms, and Books as well as new works from Jonas Wood and Ed Ruscha.

Fraenkel Gallery
Location: 49 Geary Boulevard suite 450, San Francisco, CA 94108 | Tel: 415.981.2661
Jefferey Fraenkel’s gallery opened in 1970 and initially explored the ways photography relates to other kinds of art. Fraenkel Gallery has long represented iconic photographers including Garry Winogrand and Diane Arbus. Recently, Fraenkel has shifted his gallery’s programming to include exhibits by more than just photographers. The opening of FraenkenlLAB marked the gallery’s transition into a space showcasing the works of adventurous artists in any medium.

Minnesota Street Project
Location: 1275 Minnesota Street San Francisco, CA 94107 | Tel: 415.243.0825
New to the San Francisco art community, The Minnesota Street Project opened roughly 2 years ago in the Dogpatch neighborhood. It houses more than 10 influential galleries in one space including galleries from Jack Fischer, Adreian Rosenfeld, and Altman Siegal. This artists’ space is also home to the San Francisco Arts Education Project, an arts non-profit, and an event venue. Restauranteur Daniel Patterson opened a second location of Alta, his popular Market Street eatery, inside of the Minnesota Street Project.

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