Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco Event

Folsom Street Fair | San Francisco Event

The Folsom Street Fair is a San Francisco Event that attracts 400,000 attendees.

September 25, 2016
On Folsom Street from 8th Street to 13th Street

This San Francisco Event is the world’s largest leather event, and draws 400,000 fetish enthusiasts from around the world.

About Folsom Street Fair:
The day of the Folsom Street Fair might not be the day to take your church-going grandmother for a stroll on Folsom Street. Revelers who attend this San Francisco Event meander through 13 city blocks, and can be found in varying states of undress.

While some locals enjoy attending the Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco Hotels welcome attendees from all over the world. It’s true that similar Events take place in other locations, but none can match the Folsom Street Fair. The very first Folsom Street Fair took place in 1984, and helped to inspire similar Events that are now held annually in other cities such as New York City, as well as in Europe.

Multiple stages welcome a variety of acts including indie, electric, and alternative music. Other performances will also take place throughout the San Francisco Event. Attendees will find a dance area, an erotic artists’ area, a live play area, and much more.

Another highlight of this San Francisco Event is the chance to see and buy some of the newest products that relate to this alternative lifestyle. More than 200 vendors will line Folsom Street, and will be selling a variety of hard-to-find items.

It should go without saying, but the Folsom Street Fair is an adult-only San Francisco Event. Only those who are 18 and older will be permitted. Alcohol is served at the Event, and attendees will be carded every time they attempt to purchase an alcoholic beverage.

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